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Quik ( Lin Felton) NYC Graffiti


There are a few “old school” living legends still alive from the graffiti art movement. Out of these one of the most consistent is this man Lin Felton, aka QUIK, aka QK, aka KWIK.


Since the early 1970s he’s been an active painter on the trains and since the 80s he has been painting canvases and exhibiting around the world. When collectors speak of collecting artists like Rammellzee and Dondi White I tend to remind them that there are living artists that are important and should be supported because they matter and are instrumental in this art movement. Lin is one of these artists.

Lin ‘QUIK’ Felton is a painter of African American descent born in Queens, NY 1958. QUIK as a subway graffiti painter was recognized for his satirical and arrogant comic imagery, as well as the ability to post his tag and masterpieces upon each subway line numbering in the thousands.

After studying 3 years at PRATT Institute and PARSONS School of Design, QUIK was recognized by Yaki Kornblit, a renowned Amsterdam art dealer in 1982 via the efforts of FUTURA 2000 and the momentum created by the SOUL ARTISTS painting association. He is also a member of the so called SEEN ( Richard Mirando ) University.

QUIK’s work can be found listed within the archives of the Studio Museum of Harlem; The Museum of the City of New York; the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands and several other collections.